Broken Door

I think I stopped caring 

And it scares me to death

I figured out I’m the only one who would ever love myself

I did like they do on the great big screen

I gathered myself in a corner and held on tight 

Rocking myself to a comforting tune

Waiting for daylight

People don’t see each other

Even when they want to

They use each other up until dried paint is chipping and curling and biting at the seams

Cracks and bruises fill in with time 

Not without leaving a scar 

You were something I wanted to feel

And I let all of you in

Despite the warnings and caution signs 

That’s the only way I knew how

I imagined you up into something palpable 

Before I realized you never wanted any piece of me 

I moved

With the tides 

As they reached for the moon

You were a broken door that kept inviting me inside

You slammed in my face before I could oblige

I never know if you’ll swing open again

But I feel that cool, intoxicating breeze every time


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