Old, Jaded Lady

Is it fun to watch as we crumble 

Falling to our knees 

Picking up papers 

Bending at the folds 

Pulling up strands of hair

Slipping through our delicate fingers 

Lean in close

You have every right 

Steal the beauty you wish was your own

If not for sight

What could be our worth? 

Surely not thinking

No rationality in this little brain 

That sees food that can be passed around 

Not an insult

Simply a game

Come on, sugar 

Give daddy a kiss

That shouldn’t bother you 

You like going to the movies and singing to songs

What does character have to do 

As long as it was in the past

In the past

In the past 

Even yesterday is the past

Today will be too, tomorrow

Run run run

Your mouth

As long as you don’t stop

We’ll look the other way 

Pretend it’s better that way

Because, hey, it’s not how it was!

A mountain of trash is different than a pile of mud

So let’s hold hands and pray

That this world will be tender 

(As long as the girls all stay slender)

To this old, jaded lady

All tattered and torn

In her once sacred

Red, white, and blue


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