Knotted and twisted

Turning at birth

Destiny decided 

A fate for the ages

Solitary in a room made of glass

Watching people move forward 

Time stood still

Watching as faces formed on the wall

Friends were never sisters 

Best was never a two way street 

Boys held the hands of marshmallow and gummy bear girls

That turned into cross eyed nightmares

Still better than standing next to me





Use me 

Use me 

Use me


Love the girl who never loved you back 

I’ll kiss you in the morning 

Tell me again 

I’m not first

Walk down a dirt road 

Hands in the air 

Singing my own name

I’m not what you see

I’m not what you think

A universe of unearthed treasures 

Mine all mine

I’ll bury them in my own tomb

A cocoon

That burst to life 

Once the smell of my fragrant skin is as aged as my soul 

And my memory gone

What a person this must have been 

Forever alone


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