Did you see?

The sky opened up 

Rained down revelations

It whispered secrets if you were listening

It told us to keep things simple

Stop trying to do so many things all at once 


Only the very young and the very old 

Heard what it had to say

Everyone else was too busy

Pushing buttons

And watching screens

Making room to place new things


And crunching

And running in place

Filling glasses 

And watching them brake

Shuffling and bumping into one another 

While seeing no one

Prepping and primping for a picture in a mirror 

Cutting across lanes in a fast fast car

Trying to be on time so their next appointment isn’t late 

Throwing money in people’s face

Stealing back what fell on the floor

The babies looked up as they were being pulled behind

The elderly stopped in traffic 

Eyes open wide

Smiles of wonder

As brilliance filled their senses

They tried to share the news

But they were simply knocked down 

Placed in buildings that could train them 

Contain them until they know how to behave

Even better, finally pass away

There’s no time for that nonsense 

We don’t fit together that way


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