I don’t like how we are being evaluated 

Summed up


In bits and pieces 

Body parts 

Blind date looks us up and down and leaves before saying “hello” because 




Is a bit too curvy

Our elbows are bloated 

Our stomach protrudes

We sweat when we run 

Breathe heavy when we jog

Isn’t it disgusting when skin laps over ones belt when bent over in an abnormal shape 

A woman look forward to food?

Skip a workout?

Have an extra glass of wine?

No I don’t like how we are being plastered all over the front of men’s eyeballs so that when they see a naked knee they start to see images of what is above without even thinking about who that woman is or wants to be

Unspeakable acts being forced on us 

Which is of course our fault for revealing our limbs and our shoulders and God help us a naval to boot

No I don’t like that I have to think about how to prepare my four year old to fend off a predator because things like that pop up in the news 

Twice a day

Making me want to fight off every cause for the perversion of our thoughts 

You can not simply enter inside because it feels good

You must prove your worth and we must draw a line

Watching ourselves connect like animals on repeat shuffle throughout the day

Society is placing these images in little boys hands so they know no other way to think and behave 

Hard wired to want pieces of a woman never a whole being

While girls are trying to be sexy and show off too much skin because it works in a temporary/permanent way 

We’ve lost ourselves and I fear   

Too many of us don’t want to come back


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