Broken Rib Cage

I have realized 

Looking out from the window

Thinking I was outside 

Lying next to a dead body all these years 

Pushing away progress 

A decent set of teeth

Smile at me from all sides

I’m attracted to rejection 

Insurmountable odds

I only want what is dangled before me if I know I can never catch it between my teeth Skins the enamel 

I see perfection as a sign that something must go wrong as it always has 

Pushed down to the floor

Being pinned by two knees 

Air escaping with no room to reenter into a broken rib cage 

Once you’ve been broken so many times 

It’s hard to train bones to grow straight 

Jagged and jig-sawed together they follow the only path they know

Which is winding and uncertain 

Dangerous and nonconformist

I want you like a tree thirsts for rain 

But in reality I want to feel the lightning strike as the thunder roars his mighty name 

Masochist is a pretty name for what teenagers think they are 

I am bathing in my own demise 

As I cut down suitable mates to clear a path for your misogyny

Letting you gain access to parts of my being 

Only because you have no clearance to do so

I love to be tortured by you in the worst way possible 

In the end I will carve your name in stone as a mark of a man who added to my scars   


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