This is Life

There’s no plateau

This sea will not calm

This money will not sit collecting dust

Just as an earthquake shifts the weight of the world

So is the natural course of life 

Yet I see you strapping on roller skates 

Attempting to glide over the tremors presented before us

As the suspension snaps 

And the cords create ripples in your ear canal 

I can envision the light in your suddenly realistic eyes flicker and burn brighter than before 

This is what life was to be about 

Not a place 

Or a thing

Or a status

We’ve heard this before 

We’ve read this before 

Dickens and Conrad and Bradbury 

Warning of this ill fated desire to achieve and gain and hold onto something that was never guaranteed or even promised but rather the opposite

Yet still you sit 

Filling your shoe up with salt water 

Emptying a sinking ship

One cup at a time

I would stand next to you 

Let you hold my hand as the tidal wave threw us back into the buildings we had just escaped 

I would watch your body be ravaged by the current

Loving you just the same if not more

Then once we miraculously survived 

You no longer able to walk 

And myself no longer able to see

I would let you be my eyes as I carried you to where we met 

Eternally grateful we had each other to pull the other through the inevitable disaster that is life

Unfortunately this is simply a delusional mind 

Staring into the sun

Thinking about fact 

While you work your way through fiction 

Grabbing for what you can never have


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