Heading to Autumn 

I want to go to a place where the sun isn’t as close 

And the leaves are gathering in throngs

As they show off their autumn wardrobes 

Of lightly burnt kisses 

The air is thick and holding in snow that can not yet reveal its cleansing power

Until the earth has turned its back on the heat

Realizing love doesn’t last forever

I would lie on a giant stone

Rest in its shape

As it cradled my being 

Disappear into the scent of crisp grass 

Icy glass coating over its blades

I would wither into its crevices becoming permanent 

In my isolation 

That suddenly feels like home 

Looking up is the only way to see what the universe has been trying to say

Through the periwinkle atmosphere that tells us “It’s okay”

The clouds are not yet gathering

But the wind is calling for their reinforcement

This is not a time for mourning 

It is a time to accept what is 

And bath in a state of simply being

For this is my place 

And this is my skin

And this is where my bones will be found


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