Building Bridges

You are my biggest challenge 

My one more thing

My constant conundrum

There are times I want to be alone

I want to cry

I want to scream

I want to float

In the middle of a sea 

With no sight of land

Just the lack of gravity

From the natural buoyancy

Of a lack of responsibility
I forget your little body is a vessel 

For a soul

That hurts when I hurt 

And feels when I can’t anymore

I see you notice when my emotions have shut down

I force a smile until it makes itself whole 

I hold you until your beating heart shocks

My slumbering conscience into action 

Becoming the person I have always wanted to be for you 

Fighting monsters underneath your bed

Building bridges to worlds much brighter than our own

Because you will have plenty of time, little one, to discover how people really are 

And what truly makes the world go round 

In an oblong, crooked path that is far too treacherous for anyone to face alone

I will pull myself together

Remember your sweet love 

That comes from your eyes and earnest smile when you know 

It is only you I’m listening to

I will love you for an eternity

Carry you in a special place

For if not your mother

What other mortal will be there when the storm is raging and the tides have receded 

I’ll show you where to go

And I’ll shield you from as much of the pain as I can

Love is love 

But a mother’s love

Is fed by an innocent love that grows the hardiest plant nature knows 

It can never die


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