Mighty Tree

This is something 

That came from my chest

As I heaved in air 

And puffed out pride

I built it

And protected it 

The way only a woman could 

The way ignorant men despise

In the safety of my womb 

That carried two lives

But we dare not glorify 

The greatest job of all

Lest we squash it 

And begin to feel bad

Running head first into what I use to avoid 

Not out of conceit

But a burning need to set things right 

Turn the world on its axis by at least half a degree

So the tropics get snow

And the polar bears get a tan

So stubborn feet can thaw 

And lovers can wake in each other’s arms

I did this all for you

But it worked out so well

I titled myself 

And got a certificate

Changing the world 

Being the best I could be

Not all of us will agree

But let’s at least be branches on the same mighty tree


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