What happens when wrong is right 

Everything I want is wrapped up in something I can never have

But it dangles before me

Hanging from a string 

As I run lap after lap trying to be fit enough to catch it

In the end it was a decoy

Made out of plastic

Like your heart

You showed me once

Then sealed it back up

Airtight seal

No way of getting in 

Being the liquid I am

That pours between your fingers

As you dream of me 

Reach for me

Feeling nothing 

Remembering you didn’t want me


To hold you


From all of your momentous potential 

That you squander on trying too hard

I want to say it

I want to sing it

I want to scream it 

In all of the glorious

Agony it gives me  

I will never be able to turn you away

Despite knowing 

You will never let me in


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