Getting Inside

It’s not right

It’s not okay

Showing up

Sneaking away

I’ve never lied

Or kept things from you

Including my feelings

And what it is I expect from you

You do what you want

Come and go

Pretend words weren’t sent 

That tore open my soul

I’m not even upset with you

Which chills my bones

Knowing there’s a reason we feel fire

Without senses our bones would be bare

Like unprotected homes that let everything inside 

They seem like a good idea until we wake with a tiger beside our bed

You can’t outrun bad intentions

Having no intentions at all is even worse

So I’m boarding up this house 

Sealing up the windows

You might be able to get in for a while

But if you don’t decide to make it your home

You will forever be locked out in the cold


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