I have something to say 

And I’m going to say it loud

I hope you try

Send a pigeon

Peace on a branch

Olives and all

I will see it and smile

Because now I get 

To tell you what I’ve always wanted

I’ve got experience

Life on my side

I didn’t do it alone

But my God, I stretched every muscle to 

It’s greatest extent 

Until fibers began to tear

My view is seaside 

My free time is spent 

In caves 

That hide buried treasure

You seek me out from the desert

But I’m not the same bendable being

That feels so small

Even if this all goes away

I know you

Have no honor

My time will not be wasted finding out

Why you left me 

When the storm was swallowing us all up

You went your way

I went mine

I checked in

And you told me to stay on my side

Of the road 

Of the tracks

Of the glorious path

But you ended up in the dirt

While I found sand 

That lets the water greet it

Each day

With the promise of renewal

And redemption 

You silly fool

Feeling virtuous in doing 

What was “right”

Being unfaithful to a friend is a crime

That doesn’t get erased


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