Just a speck

Sometimes you have to say it

Embarrass yourself with the nonsense of it

Out loud

In the middle of the street

Before you can let it go

Find yourself crying 

Like a little child with a popped balloon

Wishing you could just go home and 

Watch the flames

Contained in the fireplace

With a short chimney

Puffing out smoke 

Into the city

That cries out in pain 

Having held it all in 

Until it all broke loose

Not knowing who to blame

Or why you feel empty

Or why old memories 

Flash through your mind

At random moments

When you don’t invite them

Or seek them

Or claim they’re still alive

Sometimes you pretend it doesn’t hurt 

Until you know you can survive 

And sometimes lost dogs 

Find their way home

Hope and faith

Just a pinch

Just an ounce

Just a speck


And waits

To be enough


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