Nothing to my Everything

I’ve heard stories

Of trees

And caves

And jagged little pills

That scrape along the edges

As they warm people’s toes

I’ve seen lives rise and fall

As money is made

I’ve tripped and been hit in the head

By love that wasn’t mine to have

I’ve seen eyes lose their life and 

Mouths moving without sound

I’ve watched men beat each other down

And lovers learning to hate

I’ve questioned existence 

And asked why

Simply and humbly


The voices are silent 

As they force water down in the shape of a droplet that doesn’t make a sound

Until one day it does hitting the earth with as much force as a bullet aimed for your heart

What does this rambling mean?

I’m trying to think of awful things

To not remember how wonderful it was

Feeling your veins pulse

Imagining you changing your mind

Temporary would become permanent

Once in a while would become all the time

I try to understand the folds in wrinkles 

Just to not think of your smile

You left me with a text

Just to say 

What a dirty pretty thing I was

You are nothing to my everything


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