Phone Call

I had a dream

You called

From a blank space

I showed up 

Avoiding your eyes 

That never left my skin

We laughed 

Drinking wine 

From a mug

You kept on the desk

You told me your politics

And I told you

You were wrong

It made you want to kiss me

So I tilted my neck

Closed my eyes 

I woke up alone

Checking my phone 

In the dark


From the loneliness

Of a device

That reminds me

You don’t try 

To want me


I still don’t know


And it is that void

Of not knowing

That follows me

As I smile 

At a nice gentleman 

Buying me dinner

Trying to appreciate what IS 

Instead of calculating when I last saw you

And what you wore

And how you smelled

My god, you smelled like heaven

The way only Lucifer could

How many days until I will not want 

To hear you say “come over”

How many nights until I will not wake up 

To check my phone


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