Holy Judgment

We could be transparent

Let our thoughts flow

Uninhibited by expectations

Accepting a person 

For what they believe 

Speak through differences

Make collages of what makes us unique

The earth could turn 

Hearts could grow

Truth could be spoken 

Reason could be king

Hand in hand 

Smiles conjoining 

But Lennon beat his wife 

And Woody married his kid

There’s no moral compass when 

We turn a blind eye

Throwing out unfounded judgements 

Is just as damning 

Romans 3:23 

There is no other way

Should we just stop and wait for

Holy judgment 

Or should we try

And figure out why

Lift up those who have fallen

Instead of shooting them at the wall

Being the best you can today

Is all we can hope and pray

Don’t throw rocks

And sticks

And bombs 

When someone got it wrong

At the same time know 

We all go down without heaven 

Just like a sad sad song 

When your heart feels anything but strong



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