I tried to explain

Dust on a page

Shoulders shrugging 

Phones turned silent

Blocking calls

Deafness in the halls 

You told me

Straight up in the air

No room for questions

The walls were left bare

I should hate your name

I should scratch out your eyes

But all I want is the sound 

Of you saying my name

As you pull back my hair 

Playing games that weren’t just for fun

Hearts are not dice 

You threw mine 

To gamble

Never honoring your bet

Coming back 

From dark corners isn’t fair

Now I see your shapes at night

When no one is there

I feel the way you would guide me

Trusting your lead

Like a lamb to the slaughter

Only as good as the cliche 

You never heard me say it

You never refuted it 

But you spelled it out in plain text

Too afraid to say it out loud 

Two sides to the story

But a fact is a fact

The trouble is there are 10 things I hate about you

“But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you

Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all” (10 Things I Hate about You 1999)


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