What a word

It holds so much meaning

It is the scariest place to be 

At the bottom of the abyss

With no coverings from above

Everyone looking down 

Judging how you try to cover up

Every piece of exposed flesh

That hardens from the cold

Building up defenses that make you look 


Someone builds a staircase down


As he turns

Walks right up to your squinting eyes

Raises your head to acknowledge you are seen

He says 

“Remember when I met you that day?” 

Pausing, remembering for himself.

“No, you wouldn’t.

Your mind was as heavy as your heart

That nearly pinned you into stagnation.

I saw you;

Stronger than anyone I’ve ever seen,

Yet vulnerable in the most beautiful sense of the word.

You see, vulnerability is an openness that draws in light.

It showcases the contours that make the act of living; life.

Will you be so bold as to let me stop and stare?

I noticed you too can’t help but leave a piece of yourself bare.”


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