I’ve got ambition

And I’ve got soul

I’ve been thrown into the tar

Muscles on fire

Friction expired

Seemingly lost

I’ve emerged

And I’m looking for concrete


If you don’t want to cooperate

You no longer exist

In my mind 

In my heart 

In my book 

Of people who move things


I am nothing

But I’ve been built to create and inspire

Greatness isn’t your name in lights

It is making people better

And watching them grow

Stepping back behind the curtain

So your product can sell

Not for money

But for life

And for love

And for knowledge

Moving thoughts around

Just because it’s different doesn’t make it right

Your straight forward approach is offensive 

Value in moderation

Effective communication

Take your half-baked ideas 

Spoken so well

Put them in a box

Under a lake

Soggy and diluted 

Just like your logic

I’m done playing nice

Like you said

I’m old and used up

I’m not worth my weight

So what can I lose

You thought you were hacking 

Away at my fragile wings

Silly boy

You simply loosened the strings 

That were tying them down

So sit back 

And see what you helped to create

There must be some good in you yet

All of this glory will fill your eyes 

As you try to cringe 

Avoid this demise

I won’t let you miss a moment 

Now responsible for atonement


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