I Exist

I am a single story hut 

Whose original plans

Were to be a sophisticated high rise

Every time I was built up 

I was quickly knocked back down

My body is the building

And it bleeds

Constantly reaching for the sun

Your wrecking ball 

(The dirty words they are)

Spread pieces of me across the asphalt

In a messy cacophony 

That you swore was a symphony

As it bruised me 

My walls built themselves back up

Thinking they were upright

But all it was 

Was a shanty 

That would blow over when touched 

By a tender breeze

All of the other buildings know

Which is why they look down on me

With such spite

They would kick around pieces of me 

That the road sweeper had missed

Laughing at the embarrassment 

Whispering of my ill chance at ever being more

I wept for respite

Jesus did too

I will be dust in due time

Until then 

I exist

I exist

I exist 



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