Trees grow together

In the forest

For a reason

Drawn in by their strength

We don’t respect their example

Staying where they first took root

And watching their family grow

Being solid and sturdy 

Hundreds of years go by

Until we chop them down

Keeping pieces of them in the living room 

Until one of us leaves

Slamming the door

Then we cut down new trees

Buy new tables

Have new homes

Become new people

Wiping the slate clean

Until we realize we all die

Desperately seeking someone to hold our hand as we struggle to breathe the air that was provided by a tree

That we cut down

And use to place our glass of wine

That leaves a stain

Reminding us of that time

A body was there

But we pretended not to care

Now we drive

To the woods

Go for a walk

Feeling the bark

Examining the sun 

Rushing through the leaves

Making us feel touched




We did it all wrong


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