Try to Focus

I’ve called

Ears raised

Only to shut the door



Saving face

You tortured me

With empty promises

I will fill a room

With all of your lies

And play with them 

Like dolls

Without eyes

Ring around

Ring around

Turn the water off

Your voice trails off in my memory

I didn’t know you that well

Too much room

To fill in the gaps

I weave stories for fun

And yours was incredible


And brave

I liked you

And you liked that

But never me

In my imperfections

Just like they don’t like us 

As a group

As a family

As a form of life

Turn into the mud

It’s cooler in the heat

I’ll try to focus 

And say this 

All the way through

I hate you

And what you didn’t 

Have the guts to do


And you 

And you


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