I saw a fire in the distance
I knew

I felt it

I kept driving

Into the smoke

At first 


Then my lungs opened up

My eyes adjusted

I ignored my intuition

Remembering sermons on hope

I pulled up in my car

In the house

Flames escaping through the glass

Reaching for the sky

Baking the floor boards


Standing in the doorway

Holding a gas can

You asked me inside

As always

I was entranced

By the way you spoke

Whispering with wit

Smiling at me when I wasn’t looking

This time your face was blank


I searched for meaning in your pebbly eyes

You looked away when I thought I saw something

I first entered the home raging with heat 

Flames still romancing the walls

You slammed the door shut

You remained outside

You locked the the only way out

Let me see

Inside those eyes

That were hiding 

Not wanting to tell me

This isn’t what you wanted

But neither was I

I had started to become something

You couldn’t leave behind

At night when your mind wandered

Trying to find peace

You saw my face

Long neck curving

Cupping your chin

Letting you know 

What love could be

You craved my desire

It was never the plan

You knew I wouldn’t turn down an invitation

So you set the house ablaze

Sent out a signal for me to attend

You would watch

As my flesh disappeared

And my bones became dust

It convinced you that you didn’t feel

You didn’t realize the dreams that would stick to the lining of your heart

Watching your crimes 

As you felt what you could not deny

With your eyes closed

Your heart exposed

You’ll leave the crime scene in ruin

You can visit on a full moon

Scream out my name 

As you fall to your knees

You’ll wake up in soot 

And walk away clean

Pretending I never existed 

Never again

Say my name 


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