Color within the Lines

I hate that you think that way

I hate that is how you see the world

Digits and place holders 

Dividers and classifications

I want to beat down your door

But once I get to it

Something is wrong


It’s my own

I’ve started to look through the same foggy glass 

Newly polished to look tarnished

Aging in the corner 

Collecting dust in the creases of my mind

I’m starting to see people by their value

And label ways of living right and wrong


Truth or accepted deception

Propaganda swallowed whole

Eating our own young before they have the chance to hatch and show us they can fly

I never meant to give up my dreams

I was told it’s what we all do

Thirty is too old 

after all 

to fall in love 

And see the world 

Still dreaming in color 

High above the clouds 

I’ll see you in the morning 

Coloring within the lines


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