Tally Marks

And you too

Add you to the pile

Of beings

Who have have made it known 

I am not 

Worth being a part of your life

Make friends family

Because family never asked me to stay

But eventually even they told me to go wait in the field while they ate their feast

Knowing how the others had treated me

Promising not to do the same

Making eye contact with members in the group

Letting them know it was just a lie

To satisfy this needy creature that only made mistakes

Isn’t it funny how people who are left alone in the dark run into the arms of evil

Those might be the only arms there

But we should know better

It’s like a starving child eating scraps off the floor

“Go count your now visible bones

And stop embarrassing yourself by showing how low you really are”

Don’t feel bad

Every once in a while

I saw you hastily run out to see if I was still there

The wolves hadn’t gotten to me yet

So you could return to your dancing with clean conscience

God knows if you had stayed long enough

I may have started asking for things

I’ll keep this one to myself

Knowing I’ll be scolded for pointing out your hypocrisy 

I’m keeping score

I know the Good Book tells us not to

But what else am I to do

Sitting alone in the dirt

Tracing tally marks in the ground

With sandpaper fingertips

Nails painted red

Chipping along the edges

You hate the visible dirt under my nails


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