I saw your ghost again

I told him to go away

I showed him I had moved on

But he just stood and stared

Mumbling promises 

Your mouth would have never

Had the guts to create

Telling my hands to keep holding on
I tried to scare him away with the light

But instead he pulled up a chair

Reminding me of all of the reasons 

I went against my intuition

Letting pieces of you into my cells

You seem completely unattached

But I can’t tell if that’s just because 

I can’t see you

Standing on that mountain

That is etched with plans for the future

That I just never figured into
Will you do me a favor

Tell me goodbye

So I can get rid of this spirit

His weight is putting pressure on the foundation

And these walls are starting to crack

Just walking away left a window open

That’s how he let himself in
My insomnia is causing hallucinations

That make me occasionally mistake him for you

In flesh and blood

Breathing on my neck 

It’s cruel to leave a body like this

Still attached to IVs with no intention of checking for vitals 
Tapping his foot

Looking at me from the corner of his eyes

He is discontent

Knowing I’m trying to give him an eviction notice

The other man standing at the door 

Doesn’t fool him

He knows I’m simply trying to distract my nervous heart

That taps its fingers and opens and shuts its fists
I’m not sure how long he will be here

But I curse you every day I find him standing next to my bed at night

Every time he reminds me of your kiss

Every time he tells me maybe your thinking of me too

Please take him with you

Please call him home

If you ever come around again 

Please be sure not to leave me with your ghost


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