Difference Between Us

How does it work

Stairways swirling 

Swallow those words

It’s too late for that now

You followed me here

I told you to stay behind

Taking my hand

It turned itself inside out

Fingers intertwined 

Driving up the canyon 

Too dark to see

I was here as a young girl 

And I knew better

But I also knew what love was

Even if it was sprinkled thin

Once I was no longer searched for 

In the dark

What did it matter 

What cars drove me home

I’ve been fed lies and false philosophies 

By people trying to live with themselves

Saying it was founded by 



Good advice

But when it feels like spit in my eye

It’s hard to see it for anything else

Maybe once you’re broken

You enter a new world with different rules

It’s not fair for the undamaged figurines to dance with chipped glass

But I’ve heard rumors 

Some line the broken pieces with gold

To emphasize their worth

I’ve also seen smiling faces that thought 

They were still whole

But they simply had an extra layer of high-gloss enamel to cover up their flaws

Sneaking around in dark hallways at night 

Trying to find love for free

You poor silly selfish things

You can’t keep your emotions bubble wrapped forever

One day they are all going to spill out

You’ll find yourself crumpled on the floor

Crying like a junkie

Knowing you played the game wrong

Unfortunately I care enough to hope this never happens to you

But I suppose that’s the difference 

Between you and me


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