I need to see you close the door

Leaving in the dark isn’t fair

Takes me to the beginning

Of what they call adulthood

Pushed out onto the platform standing in the cold
Repeat on shuffle

Different faces

Different eyes

Different fading voices

All dumped into the creek

That will carry them down the mountain

Of what never should have been
Perfection is twirling around me

Taunting me with what I’ll never have

Why have we created store windows

And placed them in the ghettos

Never letting anyone who wants it inside
I am not unfortunate

I am transparent

Which is dangerous

On these streets

That are populated by people hiding behind good intentions

Waiting to use each other up

Then responsibly place them into the recycling bin
I will not be reshaped 

Redesigned into a new container

I will be thrown away 

Left to decompose

Still sitting in this heap 
A couple centuries down the road

You’ll come along

Kicking a can

Shiny as the day we parted ways

You’ll look at me 

Crumbling into the dirt

Finally see the beauty that was always there 

I’ll see it in your eyes

We’ll share that for a moment

You’ll turn and take her hand

Artificial Intelligence

Shining bright like you

Shift along into the sunset

I’ll always be here 

Becoming more of who I am


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