What I’ve Learned

Let’s go sing a song

You beautiful girl

You deserve the moon and the stars

I can only teach you what I’ve learned 

Don’t follow boys into the forest

Always love to run

Don’t stop singing because someone doesn’t like it

There will always be someone who is jealous

They will make it seem like it is you who is all wrong

Just shake your head and smile

They’ll figure it out in a while

Keep a part of yourself just for you

Love like you mean it

Even after someone has let you down

Know when to let go

When to move on

And know I will always be here

To listen

To love

To show you how

I gave you your freckled nose

And I colored your dark brown hair

But I can’t know what all your feeling inside

And I’ll never tell you that I do

I want you to smile

And share it with the world 

But only as much as it deserves

I am so glad you won’t let them beat you down

Don’t ever leave simply because they tell you it is their side of town

Don’t ever forget the power of holding your head high

Laugh on

Little girl

You know how to spread joy

So do it until they cave

I’ll be right here watching

Running into the waves 

Waiting for you 

Always with open arms


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