Careless Love

Trying to let go of insanity

While my subconscious clings to it

Bringing it up at night

In the dark crevices of my dreams

Glimpses of your face 

Your body making distorted motions

Paints running together

A single dark figure

That claws at my eyes

Begging to get in

I’m simply trying to let go of something

I never had

Switching the songs

Talking about love

More than I realized

It is all we talk about 

No wonder we fall into it so carelessly

Even when we warn ourselves

Not even realizing until you were gone

Evaporated by the smell of commitment

Waiting to hear your voice 

That only haunts me at night

When my eyes are closed

I just need to know I’m haunting you too

At least for a little bit

At least until I bury this feeling under my elastic skin again

I dread the day you come back

Knowing I will melt back into love

Without notice

But I fear that day never coming even more


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