Lost at Sea

What is this 

Aching in my gut

Feels like anticipation 

Wishful thinking?

Optimistic longings?

Foolish whims?

More likely

Turning pieces of my bones into 

Piano keys

Playing softly

Leading my heart

That has been adrift

Back home

It was on a voyage

To find something

That wasn’t there

Poor fool

Bought a map 


Ponce de Leon

Searching for love

Unfortunately the vessel carrying the treasure went sailing the opposite direction

Across the Atlantic

Shipwrecked in uncharted waters

The entire crew was lost

The love was torn to shreds by sharks

Or so the story goes

Lighthouses all burn out simultaneously

Can’t be coincidence

There is something darker at work here

Positioning myself to escape

I will not let you tie me down

Capturing what was mine

Locking it back up

Sewing the open cavity shut with 

Shoelaces of gold

You will need a key to bring it back out

I’ve heard the only copy is in the belly of a beast

And his mother will come after you if you cut off his arm 

So be careful when throwing around your brute strength

You may be ready for a battle

But if you die trying to prove your honor

I will not build you a shrine

I will simply spit on your unmarked grave

For letting me down


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