I Exist

A man told me we need to be thankful 

Simply that we exist

As long as I’ve lived

Even bringing new life into this world

I’ve never heard that before

At least not processed it as if it was heard
Simply be thankful

I exist
What a relief

What a weight lifted

I simply need to be thankful for the experience
The pain 

That drops me to my knees

Can not be felt by the rocks that pierce my skin

The love 

That inspires me to kiss with utmost tenderness

Cannot be felt by the rose petals that fell from the bouquet sent to me

The hope

That causes me to trek through the desert

Can not inspire the mountains that draw me in to them

The fear

That causes me to hold my breath 

Can not be experienced by the shadows that that play tricks on my mind
I have been given this gift

And we tend to unwrap it only to try and modify it

Add on expansions to it

Find a way to make it more meaningful
Does God sit up in heaven and shake His head

We missed the gesture 

The grand significance of just being able to 


What a great thing

What an overlooked prize


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