Deja Vu on a Dirt Road

“Deja Vu on a Dirt Road” 

I’ve done this 



You were 


Standing straight

Head and shoulders bent towards me

Greeting me with arms around waists 

Kissing hard on the mouth

I laugh at your face

Because it feels like home




Like home

I try not to go back

Because there’s nowhere to go forward

But I picked up with you in the middle of the road

You left me stranded

Twenty miles out of town

A dirt road 

Seldom traveled

You told me 

When I got in

You didn’t want to see where I lived

I agreed

Hoping you’d change your mind

You didn’t

You said what I needed 

Threw the word “love” around 

In every way except the one that counts


my mouth

My eyes

My long hair pulled up behind my neck

The way you made me laugh

There was one time

You held me like you meant it

And I knew that would be the end

So I held on

And breathed in deep

I exhale a little bit of you every day


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