Smother Out the Love

Turning off

Flipping auto-pilot on

So I gave this a shot

And I was shot down

Hiding in a bunker

I rushed into my optimism

Becoming superstitious with numbers

And believing kisses were giving me promises

Forgetting this is not Neverland

And adults don’t play for keeps

They use their toys until they break

Then pass them down the line

They lie and say pretty words just to get what they want

No longer allowed to pout or throw tantrums

They simply hide their intentions and master the art of manipulation

They convince their victim that it was known what was going on all along

But truly 



I always thought more was being felt than what you let on

We are taught

That boys who pull at our braids 

Like us the most

Well you ripped the hair from their roots

Surely that must have been a sign

I’ll leave you 

I’ll forget you

I’ll be a grown up too

But from time to time 

When I remember laughing 

My head on your chest

I’ll hate you a little more

Smother out the love 


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