Chin Up

I’m not who they think I should be

I’m not who they want

But you love to go for walks

And you always kiss me good morning

I see you watching me as I braid my hair

You seem amazed

I watch you as you say “Hello” to the flowers
Silly big trucks going back and forth 

We don’t seem take in the little things nearly enough
Rush rush rush

Passing money around

More and more

We don’t want to be bothered by little minds that are asking “why” and “how come”
Thank God you’re here

To remind us of all the colors in the rainbow

How many monkeys were jumping on the bed

And why it is we need to eat porridge that is “juuuust right”
Keep your chin up little one

Never let them tear you down

They’ll try and squeeze you into a more manageable box

They’ll tell you not to dream 

But I want to see those thoughts in your head

That’s what gives me my reason to breathe


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