I shouldn’t write at this moment

I could incinerate the earth

Not sure if it is you or myself I hate more

But I know we are both on the list 

I would have buried myself for your approval

But instead, you wanted to watch me burn

And how those ashes did soar

To the clouds that wept when they saw what 

You had done to the precious gift that was sent down to you

If only the love could be seen that is fueled with the same passion as this hate

The love that wants to simply pour itself 

Onto your tired eyes 

And dance beside your longing fingertips

But that can not be done

For you always believe you deserve better

Dollars signs instead of common sense

A girl of course not a woman

Someone that would be an image 

To make a statement

Not to simply stand for love and the beauty that it so innocently carries with all the selflessness that created it


For you this will not do

This is not the perfectly aligned life you have been creating

Baggage and offspring 

I am lower than the ring left on your oak table 

I hope you never get those muddy tracks out of your white carpet

I know you won’t forget the lips that you begged to kiss 

Or the other things you pretended not to love


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