Thinking everything was okay




When asked if he could stop looking for more

He seemed astounded that she would ask

It wasn’t time for that

He was willing to combine accounts

Discuss having children

Text her at morning and at night

But he couldn’t give up the possibility 

Still searching 

Just in case

He refused to let it become an ultimatum 

But the thing about women is

They don’t mean to give ultimatums

They don’t want to give 

“All or nothing”


But they know how they themselves work

From the inside out

She was offering an instruction manual

He called it “being controlling”

An agreement may have been made that it was okay

For him to look until he naturally didn’t want to

But she had moved on


like a caterpillar

Wrapping itself in a cocoon

Unable to believe he could offer anymore

Even though she tried to still want him

The heart switched off

When he noticed she was gone

He blamed baggage from the past

She let you 

And she slept

Rising up anew

With rainbow dusted wings

Waiting for someone to see her

Appreciate her

And believe she was enough

Without needing to keep looking for more


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