So Much So

I know what 

“I hate you” 

Meant and it kills me

That your silent

Because of what 

You pretend not to feel

Maybe that made it real

But your hovering is still 

Stuck in my mind

Watching my expression

As if saving it for later

I would build you a house

In a tree

Just to kiss you 

Under the stars

But only if I knew 

You wouldn’t run away 

Once the light slithered in 

Like a brutal reminder of who we are 

And who we aren’t 

I stand their brutally honest

Staring up with honest eyes

You have to look away

Because you’ve started to “hate” me again

I reply

“I hate you too”

Like the earth hates the sun

Which is why 

It won’t stop circling its light

Forever content to feel the distant 

Touch of its heat

So much so

That it formed an atmosphere 

To hold on to it

Never willing to let it go


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