Deep espresso eyes

She simply stood

Long, unkempt hair

Cutting down the sides of her face

Wild like her strong features

She stared 

Arms straight

I asked if she was okay

No response

I asked her name 

“Just call me, Delilah”

I became stuck in my curiosity

She looked at me

Eyes becoming hallways to her past

I saw love

And passion

I saw violence 

And hurt

I saw lives lived 

And people walking away

One stood out

A man who loved her 

After many who had used her

She had lost the pieces of love 

That make it stick

Slamming into each other 

Then falling off of skyscrapers

He tried to extend his hand to keep her 

From losing her grip 

Instead she cut off his arm 

Watching her as the blood left his body 

He whispered “Why?”

She had no answer 

Just flashes from the past 

Being held down to the ground

Pushed up against the wall

Forced to be made “not good enough”

She felt it as he faded 

But her heart coated itself with its 

Final petrified layer

Now she stands a statue of bronze 

Weathered and tarnished

Fading into green 

Mostly people don’t see her

Until they need someone to show them 

What it is to be eternally alone


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