I’ll remember 



That burnt on the sidewalk 

In the best way

That made me stronger

Not just in fibers of muscles

But in hairline fractures of my soul

Mending it back together

Discussing important things:

Where unpopped bubbles go to hide 

Why Mr. Moon snuck into the daylight

Arguing if hippos live in the ocean

I’ll forget the mess in the car

The shoe thrown out the window

The plans all gone wrong

And remember little hands on my cheek

A four year old calling out kooks from the pier

Knowing surfing is in her blood

Driving down the coast 

Just to feel like we’re running away

Windows down

Hair dancing with the wind

I’ll remember how her miming meant she loved me

How he smiled when he watched me

How they loved to hear my voice as they journeyed into their dreams

Someday it won’t be so hard

And I’ll miss how it is today


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