Compare and Compete

There is nothing as cruel as a girl

Judging one of her own

We size each other up

Up and down

Spin around







Judging on the very things 

By which we say we don’t want to be judged

Taught to compare

And compete


This keeps going after we’ve found a “mate”

Eyes wander and it drives us mad

Smiling and laughing pretending we don’t care 

Then avoiding phone calls because one of us gets more nods

We see pictures of perfection 

Glossed and brushed and toned

Why is this our worth that determines our friends

Couldn’t we see past this and maybe just pretend 

Or better yet

Create a culture where we don’t give out gems for the slim waistline

But encourage each other to get out and live

I like your humor

You have great ideas

I’d like to talk to you about boys that are trouble and men that are wise

Can’t we encourage 

And lift each other up without counting 

The number of likes on our own image

Let’s lose this way of thinking 

And go for a hike

Let’s breathe in fresh air 

Walk in the woods 

Help each other climb

Once at the top

The other things just blur


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