Making Demands

I managed to survive a fight with the gladiator 

Three years of battling in the Colosseum

Left me with bruises and broken bones

But I let him fade into dust  

Three years recovering 

I came out standing

But forgetting what I had already overcame

I saw myself as weak and flawed

Now, my memory has come back 

I remember who I was about to become

I’m not saying I can do it alone

But I’m not taking less anymore 

I’m demanding a love that will threaten the sunsets with its beauty

I will pour my soul into a glass every morning

And let you drink its sweetness down

I remember what it was like to force a bad situation because isolation seemed so much worse 

But I swear I will be sent off by an empty funeral before I allow myself to feel the pain of a love that is fighting against fate 

So hold your breath and look me in the eyes 

I’ll let you know if this love will survive 


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