Always your favorite

Starting wars with her tongue

Keeping secrets in the dark 

She must pretend it doesn’t make her happy

Because she is one of the broken 

Knowing what it feels like to have her insides

Snarled in a torture device

This is how she becomes the people she’s so despised

But she doesn’t know how to not want you

As you hate her with all of the love in your heart

Standing over her trying not to be nervous

You both look the other way when feelings start to show

She can’t stop thinking about the way you wrap your arms around her from behind

She often finds herself tracing her fingers over her lips

Wishing “never” was an “always” knowing it’s a “maybe” that is too shaky to last 

One of those memories you’ll remember as cancer sweeps through your aging bones

Rocking in a chair 

Thinking about what-ifs 

Longing to run your fingers through her hair


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