Words on a Page

When I cracked my mind open all of the thoughts spilled out

I had to put them all down on paper

Eight years old the first time I wrote things down 

Just for me

In a hard cover book

Flowers drawn on the side 

A marigold and forget-me-nots pressed between the pages

Seeing my mother do the same

My emotions overflowing

I gave them air to breathe

Watered them twice a day

I don’t know if I made them grow or simply gave them a place to live

But they are rich and vibrant

Never pastel or water colored

Bold with neon edges 

They often cut or seduce

With little room for negotiations 

Wars and and peace treaties signed on private pages to which only I had access

Love affairs unfolded in all of their glory 

Ending in tragedy

Writing in full sentences that could not be discussed in civilized conversation

Exploring hate and love in cursive

Isolation and hope in bold and underline

Running through scenarios that mostly never happened

But I spelled it all out on those pages

I gave myself a voice 

I turned myself inside out

So I didn’t feel so out of place

Words on a page seem so simple

Until they save your life


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