Tethered Hearts

This is not what I wanted

This is not what I was told it would be like

Playing games 

Of hide and seek 

With tethered hearts 

That swing around playfully

Until they realize they might be caught and then retreat back home

As if they never felt anything at all

Whispers in the morning 

Talking to myself

Trying to remember every detail 

Pieces are clues to what may have been felt

Since lips no longer tell the truth

Not even when they say, “I don’t want to be with you”

Because we need to feel tortured thinking 

That staying will be too hard

So Instead we inject ourselves with Cabernet  

Until we clumsily stumble into delicate situations that will leave us bleeding out on the bathroom floor once the liquid is gone and our senses have returned reminding us how much we need to be held by someone who knows who we really are

We all started out innocent until 

One day that person we thought was ours Was someone else’s 

That’s when we started finding comfort in numbers never letting ourselves rely on just one

Because it is so much easier to lose it all

When all the china is in one cupboard 

Done dancing in a line

I stand up on the wall

Do you see me? 

I’m ready to let myself fall


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