Gold and silver

Grainy panoramic

Walking in memories

Heated by the sun

Rocky-spine, dirt paths

Song of the long awaited cicada 

Views of the city

Still escaping civilization

This is peace 

This is serenity

This is my place

Amongst the dry brush

Dirt on my knees

Breathing in deeply

Surveying for people who 


Are not here

Wanting to burrow under the surface

Hoping to never be found

Whisper my secret wishes to the wind

Who holds them all in confidence 

Smiling as he senses my relief

Knocking on dragonflies’ doors

Wanting to tell them how beautiful they are

This place is not paradise

But it feels like home

You can keep your lush tropics

I was born in the dirt 

And it completes me 

In a way no man ever could

I would let you come along

But more than likely that would spoil the memory 

Being wrapped in the regret of what could have been

In a relationship tainted by insecurity

No this is for me

This is my mountain

My path

My dirt

I will bury my soul here


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