Beginning to Forget

“Beginning to Forget”




How can a lifetime of memories escape a mind

Everything built up to this? 

Empty stares from lost eyes in the void of a state run hospital 

Because money doesn’t buy much

The story never ends at the climax 

But my god, no one would read if it ended this low

Family patting themselves on the back for making the time during obscure holidays to drop by 

Never Christmas, but Mother’s Day, for at least an hour

Pass her a doll to remind her of motherhood

Watch an adult try to speak like a child




Detachment from this person that no longer knows her name

What is to be done as she’s slipping away

What is it like to be trapped in that shell

Bits and pieces that can never again fit 

All of those things that stay inside just for that person to know

Are lost in an abyss of scrambled neurons that will never again jump the gap 

In an unfamiliar room 

With unfamiliar thoughts

What must her dreams be 

Peacefully floating in a familiar womb 

Waiting to start 

Waiting to begin

For everything that already was

Is just as concrete as what could have been


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