Peace in arms I’m getting accustomed to rolling over to hold myself 

I hate the feeling of air

“It doesn’t matter” whispered to myself 

When I reach across the bed feeling for an absent body that doesn’t have a name

Trying to fill the void with

Boys who don’t know how to commit to just one girl, but think they do because

They text “hello” every morning

While browsing through profiles online just in case they missed the one girl who loves doing yoga, has a strong will, secretly wants to be submissive, has no responsibilities, can whisk them away on an adventure at a moments notice, 

“have you’re passport ready”

All while wanting only his strong arms for the rest of her life

They could be missing out on an idea that doesn’t exist

Real women have flaws

Real women make mistakes

Even movie stars look tired when they wash off their mask 

Don’t try and ask for exclusivity 

“We don’t do that anymore”

We expose ourselves to false pictures of thousands of people making up who they could be

Wanting to wake up and make the same person’s life better day after day 

Is a lost art

Because we saw our parents force their way through it and they didn’t want to try

Obligated to stay together for us

We watched them dip each other in acid until their faces were just scars

Maybe that’s why we don’t want to risk looking into the same regretful eyes for the rest of our lives

We’d have to be witness to the damage we had caused


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