By chance

By force

By time

By circumstance

People die

He wasn’t supposed to be there

She was late to pick him up

What could lead to this type of thinking

Killing strangers to make a point

Desperately grasping for attention

There are groups

There are individuals

Throwing bombs at passers-by

Rocking the world in the wrong direction

Tilting it on its axis in a way that will melt the glass

People unaffected make stupid comments 

Proposing ineffective solutions

But when desperation walks in with a bomb strapped to its chest

We all feel it

Even as an aftershock

Even if we ignore the rumble

It still shook our bones and was closer than we allow ourselves to admit

So how do we prevent this

How do we stop this kind of thinking

Of hate 

And violence 

Cutting it off

Putting the lid on it

Letting it implode 

Is unlikely to do much more than cause it to reverse itself 

Spilling over onto the burners that are waiting to ignite

If we stop caring about people who are not on the same street 

We’ve just given evil more fuel

But is there a way for us to stomp on a ghost that isn’t afraid to revisit the grave? 

These actions are doing just what they intended 

Fueling distrust

And fear 

And spreading ignorance 

Tearing nations apart as their citizens throw rocks at each other screaming for peace

We’re losing humanity 

That is the fight

So when you start pushing your friend into the corner growling at them for having different political views

Realize a little piece of that terrorism has entered your heart

People shooting guns are not a special breed

They are the same as you and me

Any one of us could just as easily pull a trigger pointing the barrel at a stranger

It is where we let ourselves go in our minds 

In our hearts

That determines which side we are on


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